Update November 2018

On March 17th 2018 the following comment from Carole Bell-Court (nee Alexander) was posted to the blog.

I am also a survivor of this air crash. Carole Alexander was my name then and I was 16 and lost both my parents.

This is the first time since leaving the hospital in Ljubljana in 1966 that I have ever “talked to” someone else who survived the crash.

Since then I have had several fairly lengthy email conversations with Carole and she has provided a somewhat harrowing account of her experience. Unlike me, but like my mother, she was conscious throughout and experienced the full horror of the crash. I have always thought that I was lucky in that I was, physically, on the mend before I regained consciousness.

The text that is published on the site can be found by following the link:

Memories of another survivor

It is an almost word-for-word account of what Carole sent to me. I have only edited it a little to fit on pages better.

Michael Gatford

29th November 2108



2 thoughts on “Update November 2018

  1. Dear Michael,

    Hope you are well.

    Thank you for sending Carole’s account. You are quite right it is a very harrowing story and must have been horrific for her, especially as her family seemed to reject her afterwards, very sad.

    With my best wishes

    Peter George

    Sent from Mail for Windows 10


    1. Hello Peter,

      Thank you so much for responding. I have told Carole about your comment. I think I promised you some other photos but the ones I sent before were all that I have. Did Ted Robinson ever contact you? I’m not sure how contacts are passed on through the blog so, if you haven’t heard from him I’ll pass your request for photos onto him.

      Very best wishes,



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