My visit to the memorial

<< Returning to Ljubljana: 50 years on.

The memorial at Brnik

Visit to the memorial: around 10:20 am on Thursday 22nd June 2017.

Before we left for the airport on Thursday 22nd June 2017 we went to a nearby florists shop in Ljubljana  where the florist made up a beautiful bouquet.

We travelled to the Airport where we met with Brigita who drove us to the site of the memorial. This was a difficult and solemn occasion. The memorial is beautiful: simple and extremely appropriate. Brigita was very unobtrusive and allowed me all the time I needed for personal contemplation.

I laid the flowers together with the simple card that I had written.

It is no more than a few score metres from the site of the crash and, it would seem that this area of the forest has not regrown completely. It was a beautiful day and the backdrop of the Austrian Alps was stunning.

The site, although only a few kilometres from the airport, seemed quite isolated. I tried to imagine the awful scene that had unfolded.

I tried to imagine how rescue vehicles could reach and leave.

I tried to imagine how my mother had dragged me away from the immediate crash site to where we were eventually found by an ambulance that was returning to Ljubljana.

I tried to imagine the people of Brnik who came out to the site to offer help.

The Museum of Contemporary History >>

2 thoughts on “My visit to the memorial

  1. Hi. I was walking with my wife through Acklam cemetery and found a gravestone with the names of a family that unfortunately passed away in that air disaster. Would you like me to take a picture and send it so it can be added to your post in memory of the deceased?
    Kind regards
    Paul and Lynda Wilson


    1. Dear Paul,

      I have just come across your post and don’t think that I have responded to you. This is most thoughtless of me. I would be most interested to receive a photo of the gravestone. It is very kind of you to offere.

      Very best wishes,


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