Anne, Bill, Teri and Eric’s visit to Ljubljana

By William Wiskin

October 6th 2017

<< it is now 51 years on.

I was much moved by the way were treated on our visits to both the Airport and the Museum.

Visit to Joze Pucnik Airport Monday September 24th 2017

We arranged to meet the Airport Marketing Manager, Jure Murko, at the airport at 11.00 a.m. We travelled to the airport by bus from the apartment where we were staying in Ljubljana.

Jure had arranged transport and drove us to the Memorial. At the Memorial although it was drizzling it somehow did not matter. We spent a considerable time remembering and absorbing the atmosphere. The Memorial is situated at the edge of the wood where the crash occurred and is less than two miles from the end of the runway. Jure then took us to see the end of the runway which has been extended since the crash.

B&amp;A at the memorial
Bill and Teri at the memorial, September 24th 2017

I realised while we were at the memorial that my understanding of the crash had been wrong and that I had thought that the plane had gone into a hillside. It was a shock to me and very upsetting that it had been so close to the runway and perhaps safety. I knew about the incorrect altimeter setting but vision of the runway might have been all that was needed.

Jure then took us back to the airport and when we got back we had an hour to wait for the bus back to Ljubljana so Jure very kindly showed us the offices and gave each of us a book of Poems and Sketches.

Anne, Bill, Teri and Eric’s visit to Ljubljana (contd.) >>

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