Meeting the doctors

<< The Museum of Contemporary History

With Professors Metka Derganc and Igor Ravnik, Friday 23rd June 2017.


Although we had last met in 1966, the meeting was like catching up with two old friends that I had not seen for quite some while, a sympathetic consultation and a bit of therapy thrown in for good measure. I felt wonderful afterwards. To be able to talk about my time in hospital with people who were there was liberating for me.

They both said that they remembered me – Igor: you were very skinny! (I was in 1966 and I’ve lost around 18kg since the above photo was taken). Interestingly, Igor said that the accident and my head injury were good for his career as it determined for him the specialism he would follow.

We asked a man sitting in the hotel lounge where we were to take a photo of us all and afterwards he asked us whether we’d mind explaining our relationship with the two doctors. He was clearly listening to our conversation and his request was prompted by a comment I had made that Metka and Igor had saved my life! He was fascinated by my story.

To be continued …..

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