The Museum of Contemporary History

<< My visit to the memorial

At Brigita’s suggestion I had contacted Marko Ličina at the Museum before I travelled to Ljubljana. He sent me the following link to a blog of part of the Museum’s photo archive.

He had suggested that I contact him on either Thursday 22nd or Friday 23rd. We decided that it would be easiest to visit the museum after the memorial. After thanking Brigita for all of her help with my quest, we traveled to the Museum.

At the museum we were greeted by Marko who, with his colleagues, was most welcoming. He sat us down at a PC in his office and allowed us to browse the photo archive. I had seen some of the photos before but, nevertheless, it was still a quite harrowing experience, particularly those of the ceremony at the sports hall on the Saturday following the crash and the coffins covered in Union Jacks made by women in Ljubljana in just two days! It was very clear from the photos that the people of Ljubljana were genuinely affected by the crash

We did talk about more general things with Marko, including his upcoming bicycle trip to Croatia.

Before we left we spent some time exploring the exhibits in the Museum. A lot of these were about post-World War II Yugoslavia before its break-up in the early 1990s.

It was a lovely day and the walk through the park grounds in which the Museum is situated was a very calming experience.

Meeting the doctors >>

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