Poems and Sketches

Dotiki daljav “Touching the Distance”

The book has 24 poems that were written by Slovenian poets between 1996 and 2017 and who were award winners.

Most of the poems have been translated into one of twelve different languages including some into English. The sketches are also by an award winning painter. My first understanding was that the book was published to more or less coincide with the unveiling of the memorial but now I am not sure as there is nothing in the book to suggests this.

It was stated in a recent Sustainability Report by Fraport Slovenija, the company that owns Ljubljana airport, that “with books we are promoting Slovenia around the globe. With our book exchange project, better known as Book Crossing or Knjigobeznice we want to spread the reading culture” “The purpose of this projects to globally spread around the word about Slovenia as a very pleasant and beautiful country”

I have included here one of the poems –

Sanjajoci Planet (The Dreaming Planet) by Margan Strolan 2015 / Preseren Fund Award 2015. Translated into English by the Poet

We never sleep alone, locked in our own worlds, in our own bodies.

Our dreams are webs spread out to catch the dreams of other living creatures;

The fragments of our dreams are dreamt by others.

We share sleep with herbal and animal worlds, which sleep and dream within us.

The dark side of the day is the beginning and the end of all the creatures of light.

How very strange we seem to ourselves and to others when we don’t sleep, dream or love.

Those who have given up on that live in the mountains and are considered saints;

Others who can have none of it live among us and are almost always in the majority