July 1st 2019. Interview with Slovenian journalist.

On the 7th June last I received the following email.

Dear Mr. Gatfords !

My name is Jana Kobal. I am a journalist from Slovene commercial TV station Pop tv. I’m preparing a story about Slovene aircrash investigators. Becuse the plane accident that happened in 1966 near Brnik, the one that you survived, was the only passenger plane accident on the territory of Slovenia, I will include it in the story.

Mrs. Brigita Zorc gave me your contact.

I kindly ask you, would you be prepared to tell me a few words about the accident, how you dealt with it afterwards and why have you decided to visit Slovenia again. We can do it on Skype.   

Looking forward to hearing from you

             Jana Kobal

I contacted Jana and arranged to have an interview with her on Skype this morning, July 1st. She is going to incorporate the interview in a TV programme for Pop TV. She said that she will send me a link to the programme when it is broadcast and also a transcript, in English.

I will make a new post to the blog when I get this information.

Michael Gatford

July 1st 2019